Thunderbolt outselling iPhone?

Posted on 01. Apr, 2011 by in 4G LTE, Equipment

Calls to 150 different Verizon Wireless stores covering 22 major US cities has revealed that the HTC Thunderbolt may be outselling the iPhone.  Walter Piecyk of BGIT Research conducted the study.  It revealed that 61% of stores said that they were selling at the same rate, 11% divulged that the iPhone was selling better, and 28% said that the Thunderbolt was beating out the iPhone.  Could it be that the Thunderbolt and its 4G LTE technology is giving it a leg up?  Brian Snyder, Regional Director of Cellular Sales’ South Georgia market, commented, “Both of these devices are very exciting and ground breaking in that the iPhone is an iconic device and the Thunderbolt is 4G.” Read the whole store here.