Apple vs Google in a Map Match Up

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When Apple announced last week that the new iOS would include a new mapping app with updated graphics, crystal clear details, improved navigation, and spoken turn-by-turn directions, they were announcing a map app war with Google. Their newest map program involves dropping Google Maps and utilizing the services of the navigation company Tom-Tom. Over the next several months, Apple will continue to extend relationships with developers on their map program, then in the fall the real battle begins. Both giants, Apple and Google have something to lose in this match-up.

If Apple cannot deliver a solid mapping navigation system that rivals and exceeds Google Maps, they may drive customer over to Android. If Apple wins, Google will lose massive information about “users’ locations, destinations and driving and shopping habits.” Either way, this should prove to be an interesting battle of the map apps.

New York Times

How Google+ Can Improve Your Android

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Android developers and Android lovers have flocked to Google+, making Google+ the perfect place for keeping up with the latest Android news, apps, shortcuts, tips and all things Android.

Combining the best of the social media services, Google+ makes it easy to connect with a variety of people and sort them by groups. You can sort people by groups in Twitter and Facebook, but Google+ offers one of the simplest platforms for sorting groups and guarding privacy at the same time.

Like Android, Google+ is easily customized to the preferences of a given users. This convenience can also be a bit confusing at first because there are so many options. This post offers an easy way to start using Google+ and incorporating it into your daily routine.

1. What if I don’t have Google+?

Google+ is still an invite only service, so you need a Google+ invite to get started. Invites are usually easy to get. First ask your friends on Facebook or Twitter. If not successful, search online using terms like “How to get a Google+ invite.” Or simply leave a comment here with your email address, and we can help get you one.

2. I’ve got Google+, now what?

Now you can connect with friends, colleagues, and potential contacts. Since I’m writing about how Google+ can help Android users, I’m going to focus on creating a circle of Android developers, Android enthusiasts, and Android writers that may share information that will helpful in using Android, choosing an Android device, and learning what’s on the Android horizon.

G+ lets you group people you follow into easily sortable “circles.” To start an Android circle, simply begin to follow people who talk and write about Android, and put them in that circle. I’ve listed a group of people on G+ that often focus on Android. You add them by entering each name in the “Search” box at the top of G+. When their profile appears, you’ll see a “red box” on the top right side.

Google Plus 1

Click on the box, select “Create new circle,” type “Android into the box

Google Plus 2

Now you can click on the Google+ logo in the upper left to return home. From there you can select, the all the circles you create. So if I want to track all my Android circle, I click “Android” and read that feed.

Google Plus 3

To help you get start on your Android circle, here is a list of Android enthusiasts I follow:

Thomas Morffew
Louis Gray
Curtis Dietz
Tramane Moulton
Jean-Baptiste Queru
Dr. Carlos Alayon
Andrew Kam
Aaron Kasten
Steven Vaughan-Nichols
Scott Webster
Marques Brownlee
Jeffrey Bates
Gina Trapani
Kevin Purdy
Kevin Tofel
Edgar Cervantes
Taylor Wimberly
Ed Burnette
Andy Rubin
Larry Page (co-founder of Google)
Tobias Thierer
Cameron Summerson

3. How do I find more people on G+?

First, you can simply type in someone’s name. Also, G+ will suggest names from your Gmail account. Here is a nice little G+ search engine that allows you search posts, profiles, buzz and Google Reader;

4. Don’t forget to download the G+ app from the Android Market.

5. One more thing. While your setting up circles, don’t forget to set up a photography circle. The G+ on Android renders the photographers nicely and it’s a great way to see some cool shots. Here are a few popular photographers on G+:

Romain Guy, Victor Bezrukov, Trey Ratcliff, Vivienne Gucwa, Giuseppe Basile, Ragnar Th. Sigurdsson, Sharon Thomas, Bryan Woodward, Patrick Smith, Thomas Leuthard, Kjetil Greger Pedersen

Author – Doug Floyd

App Aims to Make Navigating Disney Parks Easier

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Cellular Sales gets a mention in this story from Today – MSNBC.

Disney AppFinding your way around the Disney’s Magic Kingdom and locating a favorite character can be a daunting experience but a new app aims to make it easier.

In the advertisements, Mickey, Minnie and Goofy always seem to be nearby and eager to pose for a picture, but sometimes families have a different experience.

Hoping to bring reality closer to the fantasy, Disney Parks has launched Mobile Magic, an app to enhance visitors’ experience with a GPS-tracking system.

The app helps find the locations of Disney characters, checks wait times for popular rides, finds a restaurant or the best shop to buy a souvenir and can track down your car in the parking lot after a long day. Read on here.

Google’s new Android Market

Posted on 03. Aug, 2011 by in Equipment

Check out this walk-through of Google’s new Android Market

10 Best Apps For Selling Real Estate

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Here are 10 apps that can help you manage and grow estate your real estate business.

Grow your real estate business using the power of your smartphone. Whether you use an Android, iPhone, Blackberry or a Windows Phone 7,you have a vital tool that gives you the ability to promote, build and manage your real estate business while you’re on the move, when your waiting for clients, and whenever you a get a brainstorm.

Property Base LogoPropertybase Real Estate CRM


Available on: iPhone, iPad, and Blackberry

Developed by the top sales application, Salesforce, offers a fully integrated CRM for Sales, Leasing, Property Management and Marketing. Using the powerful Propertybase engine, you can

  • Manage Leads& Contacts
  • Market Your Properties
  • Streamline Sales Process
  • Track Financials
  • Manage Partners & Referrals

Any changes made in Propertybase can easily integrate with your Real Estate web site, so that changes will automatically apply to site as well.

Evernote LogoEvernote


Available on: Android and iPhone

Promising to help you “remember everything,” Evernote gives you an easy way to capture text notes, pictures, voice recordings, and websites. It can sync the note with a central database, so you can access any note from any where at any time. When you make a note using your smartphone, Evernote records the location, so you can also search notes by location.

Real Estates Agents are using Evernote for recording property research, saving PDFs, documenting home construction, capturing business cards, recording notes while driving (which can be automatically converted to text notes), documenting transactions and more. If you take pictures of business cards, signs or other notes, Evernote can search by those words. This is an amazing all around tool for on-the-go agents.

See the rest of the best apps for real estate. CLICK HERE