H-APP-Y Halloween!

Halloween represents one of the best times of year for some, as they decorate their house, don costumes and come up with all kinds of creepy, crawly confections. Whether you are planning a spook-tacular party this year or prepping for the trick-or-treaters haunting your doorstep, these apps will ensure your Halloween is safe, spooky and sweet.

Track & Treat by Glympse (Android, iOS)

Halloween is filled will scary things, but not knowing where your trick-or-treater is should not be one of them. With the Track & Treat app by Glympse, you’ll have some peace of mind by staying connected with your kiddos. You will be able to see where they are at any time this All Hallows’ Eve via a real-time map on any device or within the Glympse app. You can also notify friends and neighbors when your kids are headed their way. You’ll feel at ease this Halloween knowing your little pirate, pumpkin or pig is having fun and safe!

Halloween Soundboard (Android, iOS)

Queue the classic horror movie shriek or Wilhelm Scream. If you embrace the scary side of Halloween and are really looking to step up your game this year, check out these apps that are sure to spook even the toughest of the tough. These Halloween soundboards include chainsaws, eerie ambiance, creaking doors, dark laughter and more. Sounds can be set on infinite loops or played at the same time, which is perfect for hosting a haunted house or just scaring those who least expect it.

Yummly (Android, iOS)

Witches brew and spider cupcakes and mummy pizza – oh my! You are guaranteed to have the spookiest and yummiest recipes this Halloween with the Yummly app. Whether you want something quick, gluten free, Asian inspired, healthy, fried or sweet, Yummly has over one million recipes for whatever your craving. Browse recipes, add recipes to your grocery shopping list, personalize your diets and more. Need Halloween themed food or drink recipes? Just search “Halloween” and get cooking!

Apps for Exploring the World of Art

Modern technology has brought the great works from Paris, Milan and London to our fingertips. Portraits by Frida Kahlo, paintings by Pablo Picasso, drawings by Michelangelo and thousands of

Bob Ross

other artworks are available with a swipe and a push. These apps will allow you to explore the world of art in new ways.

WikiArt (Android, iOS)

Access the classics anywhere, anytime with WikiArt. Explore more than 150,000 artworks by 2,500 artists that are featured in museums, universities, town halls and many other places across the world. Favorite the pieces you like most or add them to your own personal album to share with family and friends.

Google Arts and Culture (Android, iOS)

Travel back in time with Google Arts and Culture and experience the people, the places and the events that have shaped the modern world. View featured stories and projects, or explore art by time period and color. See different areas of the world as if you are standing right there with street-view features that are compatible with Google VR. This app allows you to see the world’s masterpieces no matter where you are.

Art Museums (Android, iOS)

Explore the world’s most renowned museums, galleries and artworks in the palm of your hand. Dive into historical Russian, European or Baroque Art, or peruse the esteemed collections of the Louvre or National Gallery of Art. You will be able to experience art through in depth looks at each piece and the inspiration behind their creation.

Exercise Your Brain

Many make time to exercise their body, but a lot of us don’t make time to exercise our brains. No matter one’s age, learning is something that everyone can find joy in doing. With these apps, you can gather tidbits of interesting information, gain useful skills and practice personal development. So take a quick break from your day or use your spare time to flex those brain muscles!

Curiosity (Android, iOS)

Whoever said, “curiosity killed the cat,” obviously never had the Curiosity app. Curiosity inspires you to discover and learn something new every day. From science to dating, art history, extraterrestrials, hot dogs and more, you can explore more than 4,000 articles and 800,000 videos on virtually any topic that piques your interest. Spend hours or just a few minutes reading, watching and sharing fascinating facts with family and friends.

Blinkist (Android, iOS)

With all that comes with life’s busy schedule, it can be hard to find the time to do things you love, like reading a great book. With Blinkist, you can get full conceptual summaries of the latest bestselling nonfiction books in just 15 minutes. Whether you prefer to read or listen, you can delve into a variety of topics that are specific to your profession or otherworldly subjects.

Elevate (Android, iOS)

Train your brain with Elevate, a cognitive training tool on your smart phone and other devices. Utilize more than 40 brain games that will help you improve your productivity and self-confidence. The more you play, the more you improve. Each performance is tracked and the app adjusts the difficulty level to ensure you are continually improving in the areas where you need it most.