Tips for cleaning your smartphone’s screen

Smartphones and tablets have altered the way we think of phones and computers over the past few years. They have enabled us to have a mobile computer and internet connection with us at all times while taking up a fraction of the space.

One aspect of these amazing devices that is a pretty common denominator is the touchscreen. Touchscreens save space on the device, since a tangible keyboard isn’t necessary, and they also increase the range of functions a smartphone or tablet can perform.

As great of a technological advance as touchscreens are, they are still pretty delicate. And with all
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Common Sense Strategies for Smartphone Security

Just about everyone can use a smartphone to make their lives easier, and while there have been some scary reports in the media about smartphones being hacked and personal data being compromised, it really isn’t that difficult to keep your… Continue Reading

Google Maps now goes transit mode for all our big city people!

Check out this article from Engadget. Google Maps Transit Navigation beta for Android hands-on (Engadget) “Earlier this afternoon, Google pushed Maps v5.7 to the Android Market.  The app’s Transit Navigation (beta) feature brings GPS stop-by-stop nav to public transit systems in over… Continue Reading


Thunderbolt outselling iPhone?

Calls to 150 different Verizon Wireless stores covering 22 major US cities has revealed that the HTC Thunderbolt may be outselling the iPhone.  Walter Piecyk of BGIT Research conducted the study.  It revealed that 61% of stores said that they were selling… Continue Reading