Apps for the Holidays

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, but it can also be busy and overwhelming too! From giving and receiving gifts to hosting holiday parties, this time of year is packed full of preparations and time spent with family and friends. De-stress and take on this holiday season’s traditions with ease. Check out these apps that are perfect for all your holiday essentials.

Chatbooks (Android, iOS)

If you want to give a meaningful and easy gift this holiday season, check out Chatbooks! With Chatbooks you can create a photobook for only 10 dollars from your Instagram, Facebook, and/or the photos from your smart phone. You can customize each book with captions, dates and locations automatically, without having to worry about formatting each page. Each book is 60 pages and with the Photo Book Series, you can automatically turn every 60 posts into a photo book.

Giftry (Android, iOS)

Avoid the awkward “what do you want for the holidays” phone call from your family and friends this year. With Giftry it is easy for you to share your wish list with anyone. Giftry allows you to add items to your wish list from your favorite stores, and also explore what others are adding to their wish lists. Once you list is complete, exchange it with others, and encourage your family and friends to use Giftry too so you can ensure you’re buying a gift they are going to love.

Party Mixer (Android)

Take your holiday party to a new level with the perfect holiday music mix, no DJ experience required! With the Party Mixer app, you can play multiple songs at the same time, as well as, fade into the next song seamlessly. You can create your own playlist featuring your favorite holiday songs and set the perfect ambiance for this year’s holiday party.