Games for Family and Friends During the Holidays

The holiday season is all about bringing friends and family together. One of the best ways to get the laughs going and the fun times rolling is with interactive games that everyone can play together, no matter the size of your group. So pumpkin spice up this holiday season with these game apps that you can play right on your smartphone!

Heads Up (Android, iOS)

Looking for a goofy new game to play? We just had to give you a heads up about this hilarious one! Heads Up!, which is played on the Ellen DeGeneres show, is a fun guessing game that challenges you to guess the word on a card that’s on your head based off your friends’ clues, noises and gestures. Try and guess as many as you can before the timer runs out! Then go back and watch or share a hysterical video of the game. With 18 different themed decks including celebrities, movies, animals and more, you can play for hours with friends and family of all ages.

Reverse Charades (Android, iOS)

Experience a fun twist on a classic favorite! With the Reverse Charades app, rather than 1 person acting out words like in traditional charades, an entire team of any number of people acts out words for one team member to guess. Each time you play you can customize the amount of time per turn, number of passes per turn, number of rounds and the number of teams. No matter the size of your group of family and friends, you have endless laughs and fun acting these silly charades!

Bounden (Android, iOS)

Perfect for a party of two, Bounden is a whimsical dancing game created by Game Oven in collaboration with Dutch National Ballet. You and a partner hold either end of a device and follow a path of rings that guides you through various choreography. Whether it turns into an elegant ensemble or a tangled two-step, you will enjoy twisting, twirling and dancing together.