Getting to Know Cellular Sales: Mike Wiseman

  1. What do you do for Cellular Sales?

    Mike Wiseman

I am a multimedia engineer. I produce, shoot and edit video projects for the company. I also help with the Bright Signs Network and work on finding new and innovative ways to engage our customers through different media platforms.

  1. What do you enjoy about working at Cellular Sales?

We have a very relaxed and productive environment in which we can explore different creative opportunities and ideas. That’s hard to find in a job nowadays. We are given a lot of creative freedom when crafting messages either internally or for our customers. Every day presents a new challenge to conquer and another opportunity to produce a memorable video project.

  1. Can you share a particularly satisfying experience or proud moment from work?

Although I’ve had tons of amazing, once-in-a-lifetime experiences in my career (I have been very blessed and/or lucky), my proudest moment by far was winning an Emmy in 2012 for my work in live television production (different job). I’ve been nominated several times, but that was my first win.

  1. What do you like about Cellular Sales that sets it apart from other companies?

The comradery and family-like atmosphere. Although we are a large company with a reach all across the country, it still feels like I’m working with friends and family. There are tons of opportunities for advancement in the company, and the only limitations are the ones you put on yourself.

  1. What was the most unusual, interesting or fun job you had prior to joining Cellular Sales?

It’s actually a tie between two specific instances. While working on a documentary, I had to stand guard outside of a men’s restroom so Corey Feldman could use the facilities….er, in private. Apparently, he is hassled a lot in bathrooms. The other was when I had to drive Jay-Z around Memphis all day while working for MTV. He is one of the most down-to-Earth guys I have ever met. I even got to hang with him at the after-party.

  1. What are some of your hobbies?

Reading, meditation & general tomfoolery.

  1. Do you have a good story about your team or something funny that happened at work?

I wish I did.  Sadly, I am very boring.

  1. What kind of phone do you use?

iPhone 6S

  1. How did you end up working for Cellular Sales?

I started out as an independent contractor. I produced a couple of video projects for Cellular Sales, and once it was discovered that there was a greater need for video projects, I was offered an amazing opportunity. It’s one of the best career moves I have ever made.

  1. How are you different now than when you began your career with Cellular Sales?

I’m still getting my sea legs on the USS Cellular Sales. I’ve only been here about a year and a half, so I don’t think I’ve been here long enough to notice anything worth mentioning (see answer to question 7 lol)

  1. Where do you see yourself or hope to be in the next five years?

Retired & drinking white Russians in some Key West bungalow. I also plan on hiking both the Appalachian Trail and the Pacific Coast Highway before I croak.


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