Apps for Expanding Your Art Skills

Art class is in the palm of your hand with these apps that will teach you basic art skills whether you are at home or on the go. If you are a pro, these apps can help you sharpen your drawing skills, but if you’re a novice, they can help you reach your artistic goals! From people to animals to trees to planes, you will learn to create your own artful masterpieces.

How to Draw (Android, iOS)

What do cars, penguins, fairies or flowers have in common? Well nothing…but with the How to Draw app you can learn to draw all of them, plus many more! You’ll have a personal art teacher on your smartphone. Each drawing includes numbered steps that are easy to follow and guide you through the drawing process. Starting with simple lines and shapes, you will learn to create a full variety of objects and images.

Handy (Android, iOS)

Hands, heads and feet, oh my! Say goodbye to six-toed feet and disproportionate ears. With Handy you can learn how to draw lifelike hands, heads and feet. Rotate and light each 3D image to fit the perfect pose or position for your drawing. Whether you are an experienced painter or just enjoy drawing as pastime, Handy is guaranteed to help you bring your art to life.

Pose 3D Tool (Android, iOS)

Drawing lifelike people can be very difficult, but with the Pose 3D Tool by Alien Think, you will be able to turn your stick figures into realistic people. Whether you are looking for an average pose or one that is way out of the ordinary, the app allows you to customize male or female figures into the perfect pose to fit your project. Want to draw something besides people? Alien Think also has a variety of other versions to download for horses, dogs, elephants and more.