iOS 10.3

Apple recently released 10.3 and then a 10.3.1 patch. There are several cool features you might want to check out like iCloud calling on Verizon. I particularly liked the new file system, which created some much need room in my storage and speeded up the processing a bit. Here are the highlights of the most recent update.


Find My AirPods

Lose your AirPods? Go to the Find My Phone app to track them down. This isn’t really a GPS locator, but a log of the last time your AirPods were connected. Hopefully, that will narrow down your search.


iCloud calling now on Verizon

As a Verizon customer, you can answer WiFi calls without having the iPhone nearby, using any of your iCloud connected devices such as your Mac, your iPad, and even your Apple Watch.


Switch to Apple File System

Last year, Apple introduced APFS (Apple File System) replacing it’s 30-year-old HFS+ system. Now it is included on iOS 10.3. APFS scales consistently across platforms, is optimized for the types of storage we use today like flash and solid state, and it stores data in way that should free up space. I gained an extra 2 GB of room on my phone. APFS should make file access faster, more stable and more secure (with robust encryption).


iPhone 5 and 5c

If you have iPhone 5 or 5c, you probably had trouble updating to iOS 10.3. These two models still use a 32-bit processor, so they could not install. iOS 10.3.1 should solve that problem, but this is the last update to support those models. Going forward, Apple will no longer be providing updates on 32-bit processors.


Podcasts Widget

As podcasts have made a comeback over the last couple years, Apple has made it easier to access your current podcasts. Now you can add a podcast widget to control center. When you swipe right, you can see a list of the current podcast similar to the list of current music. To add podcasts, swipe right to see your control center. Scroll down to the bottom of page and select “edit.” You can add podcasts or other widgets as desired.


Apple ID profile in Settings

After you install iOS 10.3, your Apple ID info will display at the top of Settings. Tap your picture to see and edit your personal data, iCloud information, iTunes information, and see all the connected devices.


Hourly Weather forecast in Maps (3D Touch)

When you look up a location in the maps app, you’ll see the current temperature in the bottom right corner. On the iPhone 6/6s or later, you can access an extended weather forecast. Simply press and hold the weather icon for a forecast snapshot. Continue holding and the weather app will open to that location.

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