Cellular Sales Donates to Program to Build Stronger Non-Profits

Cellular Sales is proud to announce we have made a $24,000 donation in scholarship funds to the inaugural class of the OnBoard program, a joint venture between the University Of Tennessee Haslam College Of Business and the Alliance for Better Non-Profits (ABN).

What is it?

OnBoard is a program that aims to educate mid-career professionals on how to effectively serve on the boards of non-profit organizations. The six-class course provides training in areas such as a board’s role in non-profits, strategic planning, fundraising, governance and more. At the conclusion of the course, the graduates of the program are introduced to members of the ABN in order to find a board to serve on and apply their new skills.

What’s the importance?

The OnBoard program was originally conceptualized by Chris Martin, the CEO of ABN, and Dr. Alex Miller of the Haslam School of Business, after recognizing a need for better leadership on non-profit boards. Chris Martin spoke about the motivation behind the conceptualization stating, “This is a program that is going to enrich our local community and help fill the boards of local non-profit organizations with well-trained leaders. We know there are lots of professionals in our area who are not engaged at the leadership level of local charities and non-profits.”

OnBoard serves to bridge the gap and provide benefits to everyone involved:

  • The organizations get new, trained leadership.
  • The community will be better served by having more-capable non-profits.
  • The professionals gain valuable leadership training.
  • The companies gain new leaders.

How are we involved?

The inaugural OnBoard consists of 24 professionals, and the program’s cost per person is $2,000. Cellular Sales’ sponsorship of the program covers half the cost of attendance for each individual. Our CEO Dane Scism states, “As a company, we have always been very passionate about giving back to the Knoxville and surrounding communities. We believe OnBoard is a great program that will help make East Tennessee a better place to live by providing impactful leadership to our local charities and non-profits.”


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