Getting to Know Cellular Sales: Meet Sales Representative, Courtney O’Dell

  1. What do you do for Cellular Sales?

    From left to right: Upstate New York Regional Director, Tim Blackburn, Courtney O’Dell and Upstate New York Regional Director, Luke Fletcher

I am a sales representative and an operations lead in Upstate New York.


  1. What do you enjoy about working at Cellular Sales?

I enjoy the atmosphere! We are like a family here. We have a good time inside and outside of work. We get what needs to be done, done, and have fun while doing it!


  1. Can you share a particularly satisfying experience or proud moment from work?

My “shining” moment in this company was in December of 2014. My goal for the year was to make it into the Top 15 sales reps for the year. I was No. 8 in July, but then took a month off in August to have my baby girl.  So, in that month I dropped to No. 32. I was more than depressed when I came back to that. For the next four months, I worked really hard to get as many sales as I possibly could to get back into the Top 15. December came around, and I was at No. 21. I worked CASE and sold as much stuff as I could to try to hit my goal. It was my first month with the company that I hit $10,000 and I managed to be No. 15! It was the most exciting thing ever to be called on that stage at the Christmas party because I didn’t even know I did it! A total surprise!


  1. What do you like about Cellular Sales that sets it apart from other companies?

Like I said earlier, we are like a family. Everyone is extremely close. Our leadership group is amazing. They are always looking out for what is best for all the employees, and if there are any problems with anything they are addressed. Nothing is ever pushed aside. This company cares about every single person that works here.


  1. What was the most unusual, interesting or fun job you had prior to joining Cellular Sales?

I have had many jobs before here. I was a waitress and a dance teacher. Then, I had other odd jobs, but those were the two main jobs I ever had.


  1. What are some of your hobbies?

I still teach dance. I also have four kids, so my hobbies are pretty much their hobbies. I attend soccer and baseball games and practices all the time, and then still teach my classes twice a week.


  1. Do you have a good story about your team or something funny that happened at work?

We always have fun at work. Whether it’s hanging out talking, playing games or out grilling lunch. We always have lunch or dinner together. We really are a family.


  1. What kind of phone do you use?

I have the LG V10.


  1. How did you end up working for Cellular Sales? Referral, etc.

I actually heard that a Taco Bell was coming in to Johnstown, and I got excited because I LOVE taco bell. Then I was told no, it’s Verizon. At the time I was a waitress and our restaurant just closed down, so I had no job. On a whim, I just decided I wanted to work there! I had a few friends that had worked for a different Verizon company and they had their cell phone plans really cheap, so that’s why I wanted to work there. So, I applied and got the job.


  1. How are you different now than when you began your career with Cellular Sales?

I’m still the same me, but definitely a lot more organized! I have come a long way when it comes to remembering number sequences and people’s faces. It’s amazing what this job does to your brain!

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