Top Apps For Travel

What could go wrong?Hotel Tonight (Android | iOS)
This app allows you to book last-minute hotel rooms as late as 2 o’clock in the morning and at a big discount to boot (up to 70 percent off, according to the app makers). Hotel Tonight is great for people who travel a lot for business. If your flight is cancelled, you are no longer stranded at the airport with no hotel options. This app currently has hotel listings in almost 50 U.S. states, as well as nine international cities, and growing.

Yelp (Android | iOS)
Yelp is an app that has user reviews for all kinds of local businesses, such as restaurants, shops and salons. If you’re visiting an unfamiliar city, Yelp can help you decide where to eat by showing you restaurants close to you to go along with other people’s ratings of those establishments. With reviews for everything from florists to jewelers to dentists, Yelp has reviews for just about every type of business. If you decide you want a haircut while on vacation, Yelp can help you figure out which local salons and barber shops are the best bets to get a good cut.

HearPlanet (Android | iOS)
HearPlanet is like having a tour guide in your pocket. This app offers guided audio tours that can provide facts and history of nearby landmarks. If you want to learn about the Golden Gate Bridge while you walk across it, just open the HearPlanet app and throw your headphones in to get an audio-guided tour. This app can also send you push notifications to alert you when you are near a spot of interest. For those who like to take a more laid-back approach to travel, this can allow them to wander the city and have the app inform them of nearby points of interest. For those keeping an eye on how much data they use, this app allows you to download any audio tours you might want while connected to WiFi and listen to them later.

Gas Buddy (Android | iOS)
This app is for the road trippers out there. Gas Buddy allows you to see gas prices at stations around you so that you can find the cheapest places to fill up. You can also search for gas prices in other cities, so you can find inexpensive gas in cities that are on the way to your destination.

Packing List (Android)
It’s something we’ve all experienced at one time or another—forgetting to pack something. Whether it’s socks, a razor or a hair dryer, we’ve all been stranded out of town without a crucial item and been faced with the choice to tough it out and go without or break down and buy something we already own. Packing List allows you to create checklists so that you’ll always have everything you need. This app doesn’t just cover the typical clothing and toiletry items, either. There are options for documents (you wouldn’t want to drive to a port for a cruise without your passport), medicine and other necessities.

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