How To Turn Off Apps on iPhone

If you’re iPhone battery seems to be depleting too fast or your iPhone seems to be running slow, you can try turning off some of the background apps. This shouldn’t be a problem, but there may be some apps that are draining too much battery life or processing too much in the background.

The way Apple designed the multitasking feature, background apps should not cause a slowdown and increased battery drain.

The reason? It’s not real multi-tasking.

When you switch from one app to another on your iPhone, you essentially pause the background app. It cannot continue draining resources. At the same time, some apps do continue to run in the background. For example, if you’re listening to a music app and want to check your email, you want the music to continue playing.

The iOS multitasking feature is designed to pause applications but allow certain functions to continue. These functions include:

  • Background Audio
  • Voice Over IP Services
  • Background Location-based services
  • Push notifications (think timers, alarms and such)
  • Task completion (if the task started before switching apps, it will complete)

There may still be times that you want to turn off background apps.

Here’s how you do it:
1. Unlock the iPhone, then double click on your home key.

2. The top of screen fades, but the bottom row remains. All the apps on the bottom row are currently running in background.

3. To close an app, touch and hold a specific app. The app icons should slightly shake and a red minus sign appears in the top left of each app.

4. Simply tap the red minus sign to close the app, then scroll from right to left to view (and close) all the apps running in background.

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  1. And, some of those background apps could be using cellular as a way of transmitting data, putting you at risk of exceeding your limit. This has become a major problem

  2. Thanks for taking the time to put together the screen shots for this. Finally, something I can send my mother to explain it to her! Of course, John makes an excellent point about background data use. Especially if you have your iPhone on a prepaid plan like me, or some other kind of limited data plan, you’ll have to watch your usage.

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