Verizon Smartphone Customers Use 25% More Data Than iPhone Users.

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Droid Does Data.This data usage report came from Validas, a wireless billing data analysis firm (interesting company!).

And a follow-up to our announcement about adding jobs to the Knoxville area, from
Cellular Sales sees huge amount of applications since announcing new jobs

Verizon Not Going To Tiered Data Plans Anytime Soon

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Some interesting info about whether or not Verizon is going to tiered data plans, from ZDNet.

Cellular Sales Adding 200-250 New Jobs in Knoxville, TN

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Call Center Hard At Work

Photo Courtesy

We had quite the media turnout yesterday at our new National Call Center!  Cellular Sales is planning to add 200-250 jobs at our National Call Center in Knoxville, TN.  That’s big news these days, and we’re proud to be providing jobs in a down economy.

In case you wanted to know the equation for our success, here it is…

We sell the best product: Verizon.  We cultivate our greatest resource: our people.  We do our best to keep a happy boss: our customers.  That’s the long and short of it.

Here’s some media coverage we got in Knoxville:

Knoxville News Sentinel

Thanks also to Ackermann PR, who do such a great job for us.

-Jay Witherspoon, Director of Advertising, Cellular Sales

Motorola Droid X, HTC Incredible Supply Problems Are Not Intentional.

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Motorola Droid X is Big

The Droid X (far right) is big figuratively and literally. At this moment, they're sold out. Photo courtesy Dan Thompson, Claris Networks. Click photo for device review.

I’ve heard several otherwise intelligent folks speculating that the supply shortages of the Motorola Droid X and the HTC Incredible are somehow intentional.

Let me reassure you, dear reader, that this is not the case.  No conspiracy theory is logical.  Right now, Verizon and the Android device manufacturers want to snag as much of the iPhone demographic as possible before the iPhone is available on the Verizon network!  Otherwise, those customers will go to AT&T and the iPhone, despite AT&T network shortcomings.  Droid-OS manufacturers will never have a better time to sell their products on the Verizon network than right now, when they are not competing with the iPhone.

Verizon could have sold dozens of thousands more Motorola Droid X’s in the device launch this past weekend.  We’re unsure what exactly the supply issue is with the Droid X, although it may simply be poor sales forecasting and that would be a shame.  The HTC Incredible, though several months out of the gate, is still working through supply issues with its AMOLED screen produced by Samsung (right now, if you order an Incredible from Verizon’s website, your device will ship on 8/3, although we’ve heard Verizon recently okayed a new Super-LCD version of the Incredible that will not have the supply issues… more coming soon).

So, assuming that Verizon and the device manufacturers have half a brain and a functioning brain stem between them, they would not have decided to reduce supply intentionally.  I’m willing to make that assumption.


In related news, our friends at Claris Networks have reviewed the Droid X.  As always, Dan Thompson’s thoughts are insightful and well-stated.

-Jay Witherspoon, Director of Advertising, Cellular Sales

Cellular Sales Helping Make-A-Wish in North and South Carolina

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Mike Baker, Ari Mendlovitz Make-A-Wish Donation

Left to right: Jim Martin (Cellular Sales), Russell Smith (Make-A-Wish Foundation of South Carolina, President and CEO), Tyler Pratt (Wish child), Kayley Pratt (sister of Wish child), Donna Pratt (mother of Wish child), Tim Pratt (father of Wish child), Mike Baker (Cellular Sales), Ari Mendlovitz (Cellular Sales).

Cellular Sales Regional Directors Ari Mendlovitz and Mike Baker have done something pretty darn cool, and they’ve partnered their locations with the North Carolina and South Carolina Chapters of the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

At all their locations, wristbands will be available for $5 with proceeds going to Make-A-Wish.  Customers may also text the keyword SCWISH to 90999 in South Carolina or WISH to 27722 in North Carolina to make a one-time donation of $5 to help grant a wish for a deserving child in their local area.

Ari and Mike, we’re proud of you!  Here’s a press release with more details.


In other news, for a Friday treat, I want to share a story on about the Old Spice “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” advertising and social media campaign.  Hi-larious.

-Jay Witherspoon, Director of Advertising, Cellular Sales

Sprint, T-Mobile Circling and Sniffing

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Sprint is now talking about moving to LTE, the same technology Verizon and AT&T are using for their next generation of networks.  They don’t plan to abandon WiMax, but they’re definitely making eyes at someone other than their original date to the dance.  They’ve been advertising their 4G network for months, and now they’re talking about changing their plans.  Sprint is also talking about merging with T-MobileHere’s an article on the topic that is worth the click just to see the picture they ran to complement the story.

And a small pssst!: this summer equipment advertising was just leaked to BoyGeniusReport by someone at Verizon.  Take all leaks with a grain or two of salt.  They are not always what they seem.

-Jay Witherspoon, Director of Advertising, Cellular Sales

Motorola Droid X “Scavenger Hunt”

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Pretty cool, from @DroidLanding:
Justin Schauer, a grand old theater and a brand new smart phone. Nice find!

My understanding is that supply is limited for the new Motorola Droid X, coming out this week.  So the folks who are smart enough to find one in this Twitter-based contest are lucky indeed.  There are only a few left!  Here’s a video of a guy finding one of them at a Pier in NYC:

-Jay Witherspoon, Director of Advertising, Cellular Sales

Cellular Sales: Eight New Verizon Retailer Locations In The Past Month

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Rendering, Front Royal, VACellular Sales continues to defy common sense and the laws of people needing sleep to survive.  In the past month, we’ve opened 8 new locations, and there are dozens more leases pending approvals.  Verizon likes us.  Customers love us.  In technical industry terms, we “got it going on.”  Jose Ordonez, Regional Director for Cellular Sales, said, “It is our special approach to retailing that has taken us from one location in Knoxville to hundreds nationwide.”

I’d like, as Director of Advertising, to claim that it is my advertising prowess that has catapulted the company to its stellar performance.  Alas, if you read this blog, you know that’s probably not the case.  The true reason for our success is our people.

So cheers to everyone who continues to make Cellular Sales a great company to work for and with!

Our newest locations are listed below:

VERSAILLES – Versailles, KY
FRONT ROYAL – Front Royal, VA
ST JOSEPH – St Joseph, MO
JACKSBORO – Jacksboro, TN
MOUNT PLEASANT – Mount Pleasant, SC

Cellular Sales is the nation’s largest Verizon premium wireless retailer.  And still growin’.  Alec Rankine, Regional Director for Cellular Sales, noted, “Each store opening is a testimonial to how great our customer’s experiences are.”

-Jay Witherspoon, Director of Advertising, Cellular Sales

The Wireless Revolution Will Not Be Televised. It’s Gonna Be All Tweets.

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Brown LiquidMany folks get sweaty palms and long for simpler times when they consider upgrading their good ol’ cellphone to a smartphone.  And the fees for data packages drive up bills for smartphones (but your home phone bill’s gone down, hasn’t it?).  The option for most users who aren’t ready to make the move to a smartphone is to opt instead for what Verizon calls a “3G multimedia” phone.  These are usually less expensive than smartphones, and lack the sophisticated and customizable operating systems running on BlackBerry’s, Windows Mobile, and Android phones.  But they still have a lot of the same core features as smartphones, including email, Internet, and all types of messaging.  I’ve noticed the multimedia phones are more likely to have a razzle-dazzle name like “The Blitz” or “EXILIM” or “MC Hammer” (okay, I made that last phone up).

Regardless of their nomenclature, it’s clear that Verizon recognizes that the Blitz’s and the Exilim’s of the world are here for a while at least, and Verizon has indicated that they will help revamp and continue to support the BREW software platform that its multimedia phones use.  That should mean more cool games and apps for the “simpler” phones.  Cellular Sales is glad to see some new support for the mid-range handsets, as we see a lot of customers are not yet ready for the “wireless revolution.”  That doesn’t mean we don’t love smartphones, too, but we realize they’re not for everyone.

Okay, I gotta go.  We just got a media kit for a new phone the kids are gonna love called “The Fo-shizzle.”

-Jay Witherspoon, Director of Advertising, Cellular Sales

RIP: Microsoft Kins

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Paris Hilton, advisor for Microsoft

Paris Hilton, advisor for Microsoft

Microsoft has decided to scrap the Kin projectWashington Post writer Rob Pegoraro gives an interesting account of the history of Microsoft and Danger Inc., makers of the Sidekick.

One interesting point about the Kin that I will say was a good idea: it offloaded a lot of the social media processing that would normally have been done on the phone.  So a server in Microsoft’s hay barn would do the Twitter/Facebook/Foursquare/etc checks, and then send a flat file to the phone with the updates, greatly reducing the battery drain on the handset.  Not bad, Microsoft!  Just keep trying, and we’re sure you can come up with a good mobile phone!

-Jay Witherspoon, Director of Advertising, Cellular Sales