Apps to LOVE

Whether you’re single, married or in a new relationship, the season of love is here. Shops and websites are decorated in red and pink, and the temptation of heart-shaped boxes of candy is ever-present. Everyone celebrates Valentine’s Day differently, but whatever your situation, these apps will help you celebrate your way.

BOD Dating (Android, iOS)

Plenty of apps have surfaced in the past few years that aim to simplify dating. BOD Dating just added a new wrinkle to the dating app ecosystem. If you’ve ever been on a date that didn’t go how you planned and needed a way out, this app does the work for you. BOD is a geo-location-based app that lets you find dates near you, simply by pressing “date mode.” From there, the app checks for other people in your area also in “date mode.” The rest is on you to reach out and meet up! Consider your Valentine’s plans, made.

Open Table (Android, iOS)

Reservations on the day of love can be difficult to come by. Open Table helps you find the perfect restaurant to take the apple of your eye this Valentine’s Day. The app lets you read reviews, menus, pricing and–with one click–book your reservation. Open Table knows you’re busy, so don’t waste your valuable time finding the best place for your date. With the app you have the option to view all restaurants, or simply click your region, food preference and budget and have your perfect fit in front of you in seconds.

Red Stamp (Andriod, iOS)

The ultimate Valentine’s staple is the card, but searching for a personal card for your loved one can be tricky. Be original with the Red Stamp App. Design your card with personalized text, pictures or even your own signature. The easiest part? Red Stamp will address and send your card free of charge, just pay postage! Red Stamp offers digital and hard copy cards, all easy to send and design in their app. The Red Stamp App is perfect for the on-the-go person who is still looking for a special, personalized gift for their loved one this Valentine’s Day. Be original, get Red Stamp!

Apps for the Holidays

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, but it can also be busy and overwhelming too! From giving and receiving gifts to hosting holiday parties, this time of year is packed full of preparations and time spent with family and friends. De-stress and take on this holiday season’s traditions with ease. Check out these apps that are perfect for all your holiday essentials.

Chatbooks (Android, iOS)

If you want to give a meaningful and easy gift this holiday season, check out Chatbooks! With Chatbooks you can create a photobook for only 10 dollars from your Instagram, Facebook, and/or the photos from your smart phone. You can customize each book with captions, dates and locations automatically, without having to worry about formatting each page. Each book is 60 pages and with the Photo Book Series, you can automatically turn every 60 posts into a photo book.

Giftry (Android, iOS)

Avoid the awkward “what do you want for the holidays” phone call from your family and friends this year. With Giftry it is easy for you to share your wish list with anyone. Giftry allows you to add items to your wish list from your favorite stores, and also explore what others are adding to their wish lists. Once you list is complete, exchange it with others, and encourage your family and friends to use Giftry too so you can ensure you’re buying a gift they are going to love.

Party Mixer (Android)

Take your holiday party to a new level with the perfect holiday music mix, no DJ experience required! With the Party Mixer app, you can play multiple songs at the same time, as well as, fade into the next song seamlessly. You can create your own playlist featuring your favorite holiday songs and set the perfect ambiance for this year’s holiday party.

Games for Family and Friends During the Holidays

The holiday season is all about bringing friends and family together. One of the best ways to get the laughs going and the fun times rolling is with interactive games that everyone can play together, no matter the size of your group. So pumpkin spice up this holiday season with these game apps that you can play right on your smartphone!

Heads Up (Android, iOS)

Looking for a goofy new game to play? We just had to give you a heads up about this hilarious one! Heads Up!, which is played on the Ellen DeGeneres show, is a fun guessing game that challenges you to guess the word on a card that’s on your head based off your friends’ clues, noises and gestures. Try and guess as many as you can before the timer runs out! Then go back and watch or share a hysterical video of the game. With 18 different themed decks including celebrities, movies, animals and more, you can play for hours with friends and family of all ages.

Reverse Charades (Android, iOS)

Experience a fun twist on a classic favorite! With the Reverse Charades app, rather than 1 person acting out words like in traditional charades, an entire team of any number of people acts out words for one team member to guess. Each time you play you can customize the amount of time per turn, number of passes per turn, number of rounds and the number of teams. No matter the size of your group of family and friends, you have endless laughs and fun acting these silly charades!

Bounden (Android, iOS)

Perfect for a party of two, Bounden is a whimsical dancing game created by Game Oven in collaboration with Dutch National Ballet. You and a partner hold either end of a device and follow a path of rings that guides you through various choreography. Whether it turns into an elegant ensemble or a tangled two-step, you will enjoy twisting, twirling and dancing together.